International Economics

The programme aims to develop your ability to understand and analyse various types of socio-economic problems and the dynamics of the global economy. You will learn to use economic theory to analyse and evaluate economic problems and processes and understand the underlying factors. The ability to analyse problems in a systematic manner is fundamental to modern economics and permeates the entire programme.

After completing this programme, you will have gained knowledge and many skills that are in demand in the labour market. Most importantly, you will have developed the analytical skills to understand, integrate and analyse problems. You will gain a new way of thinking and a problem solving approach that can be applied in the sector in which you will be employed. These skills will give you a strong competitive advantage when looking for a job and will also allow you to work closely with decision making in various companies/ organizations. You will be able to process and analyse data and pass on the results to your colleagues and managers. These skills are important both in the private and public sectors. The degree in economics is an internationally recognized qualification, designed to propel you into a global career.

Course Duration

3 Years

Entry Requirements

  • Student must have completed 12th
  • Student must have IELTS score 6 bands.



  • :Sept/October
  • Minor Intake:

  • -Jan/February.



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