Study in Aarhus University in Denmark




Bachelor of Arts in Marketing and Management Communication             

This bachelor programme is a communication programme combining subject areas from three different fields of study, i: e .communication, business administration and language. The study programme is international and focuses on advertising, branding, and PR and market communication in an international context.

The study programme provides you with basic theoretical  and practical tools for planning  and implementing communication tasks with in branding .PR and marketing  both internally in and externally for the company .You will be equipped to work on practical assignments such as creation and updating of websites, preparation of press releases, reports , profiles , planning of international campaigns etc.

Linking communication, business administration and language

The study programme is designed so that that courses complement each other and integrate elements across the subject areas .This means that the tasks and project that you work on in the business administration and communication courses from the basis of and the framework for the teaching in the language courses . The language courses are therefore never consider isolated courses, but always  in interaction with the other programme courses.

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