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  Facilities Provided by Inholland University   INHOLLAND has many facilities to support students such as the library, professional audio-visual equipment, modern laboratories, computer rooms, IT services and help desk, cafeteria, copy and printing facilities and a student job placement agency all inside the building. Below is a list of all of our services. Information […]

Study in Ireland

Bachelor Programs   BA (Hons) in International Business American College Dublin students have a wide range of opportunities open to the when they complete their degree. Students can choose to work or to continue their studies at ACD or in another University. This degree opens up opportunities for students in work or study at postgraduate […]

Studying in Denmark with EDGE OVERSEAS

                          Studying in Denmark with ZIBAT   A modern and challenging study environment with students from all over the world Zealand Institute of Business and Technology offers a modern study environment at all campuses with easy access to the library where librarians are ready […]

Study in IRELAND

Study in Ireland Students of International Business may enhance their educational experience by studying for a semester during their second year at Lynn University in Florida. American College Dublin and Lynn University have an articulation agreement which means that credits obtained at Lynn University are automatically transferred to ACD when the student returns. International Internships […]


Studying Bachelors in Denmark Denmark invests large sums in education. Public expenditure on education amounts to 8% of GDP, making Denmark the number one public spender in the world, and creating high standards in education-also in an international perspective. Some of the characteristics of Danish higher education are: high academic standards, active study environments, interdisciplinary […]

Education in Ireland

    Education has always been highly values in Ireland and our reputation for education excellence dates back to the middle Ages. Today Ireland boasts one of the highest education participation rates in the world and our emphasis on quality attracts over 200,000 international students per year across all level of education. English Language Training […]

Higher Education In DENMARK

Danish Business Academy Minerva The Danish Business Academy Minerva is a modern higher education center, located in the city of Randers on the East Coast of Jutland. The Danish Business Academy Minerva, previously known as The Danish business Academy, is a division of the larger Business College Minerva. The Business College Minerva was founded in 1877 and […]

Study in Lithuania

  COOL FACTS ABOUT LITHUANIA   Expect warmth and affordable living. Expect history-Expect green. Lithuania is a member of the European Union, the Schenegan area and NATO. At the end of the fourteenth century Lithuania was the largest country in Europe. The Geographical Center of Europe is just 26 km north of Vilnius as determined by the National […]

Study in Denmark

Business Academy Aarhus The Business Academy Aarhus offers a wide range of AP and Bachelor degree programs within Technology, Business and Computer Sciences, etc. The academy is one of the largest of its kind in Denmark with more than 3,500 full-time students, of which 600 are international students. In addition, approx. 1,600 students are enrolled […]

Study Abroad with EDGE OVERSEAS

Let the world be your oyster As another school year comes to an end, the question arises- what next? Those seeking higher education are furiously preparing for and applying to colleges for admission, and these choices are not limited to India, today’s student is prepared to go anywhere in the world. It is not so […]

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