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Course Duration: This course is one year duration (two semesters) and is completed at the Melbourne International College campus in Melbourne. Students who enroll in this course are enrolling with Charles Sturt University.

General Information about the Course: The Information Technology industry is large and rapidly expanding, with employers actively seeking appropriately qualified IT professionals. This course is designed to cater to both those persons who may currently work in the industry but have no formal qualification and those persons who may have tertiary qualifications in another discipline and little information technology background but wish to gain a qualification that will allow them to pursue an IT career.

Admission Requirements: Students must hold a degree or equivalent qualification (e.g. relevant professional experience such as a least five years experience at a managerial level or three years experience in IT related work or professional certificates such as Microsoft Certification etc.or Diploma/Associate Diploma and lesser amounts of other relevant professional experience).

There is no assumed knowledge for students doing either the core or elective subjects listed in this document apart from the prerequisites specified for each subjects.

Course Structure: The course consists of a core of five subjects, from which are developed a number of broad areas of interest. These areas of interest are aligned as far as possible with Australian Computer Society topics. The main areas of interest are networking, systems modeling, software engineering, online information systems and managing.

Core Subjects:

  • Database Systems
  • Object modeling Techniques
  • Computer Networks
  • Ethics and Information Technology
  • Fundamentals of Programming Using Jav

Subjects for Networking Stream:

  • Inside Windows Server
  • Internet Working
  • Networking Engineering

Subjects for the Information Systems Stream (choose three)

  • Websites Operations and Publishing
  • Object Oriented Systems Modelling
  • Web Based Information Systems
  • Modelling and Decision Support



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