Mackintosh international College Offers English Language Studies to Students wishing to improve their English Language Skills for whatever reason.


We operate a multi-level General English curriculum across several levels of ability, using the most popular course book in English Language teaching as the main text. There is two week minimum period of study. There is no maximum.

Students may start ANY MONDAY during term time and will be tested on arrival and placed in the class most appropriate to their level of English and personal needs. A full course of study is 10 weeks long; however those spending less than the 10weeks at a level will still have the opportunity to progress to the next level through assessment at the end of the course.

Students spend an average of 10 weeks per level of study and promoted to higher level on satisfactory completion students.

Mackintosh College’s well-qualified English Language teachers are carefully chosen for their subjects knowledge, friendly and supportive nature and their ability to motivate students.

In addition to the main 20hours of classroom contact, there are 5 hours of Guide individual Learning where the student will undertake individual study staff support. At this time they may pursue particular areas of language study which are particularly important to them e.g. practice of examination preparation materials –TOEIC,IELTS, Cambridge or grammar revision, reading for specific for social purposes , listening to recorded materials and participating in free or low-cost organized activities . We offer a wide range of materials of support students in this way.

Computer software and online links to a huge selection of English Language materials are additionally available on the state-of-the-art computer hardware.


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