Study in Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School




A head start on a dream career: Choosing the best educational institution for yourself or your child is a huge  undertaking. Investing time and money in pursuing a career path is one of the most important decisions you, or they will ever make, so you want to know that you’ve invested in the best possible education.

We hope that the contents of this will help you feel confident in your choice. You’ll learn about the campus and its facilities, our students, our staff, our alumni network, and life in Australia, the Blue Mountains and Sydney.

Two ideal campus locations: Our main campus is located in the picturesque town of Leura, in the Blue Mountains National Park, just 90 kilometres west of Sydney, where undergraduate students undertake their practical training in food and beverage, housekeeping and front office duties. Both our undergraduate and postgraduate students complete their theoretical units at our brand new executive business campus, located in the heart of Sydney’s CBD, surrounded by ,many of Australia’s-indeed, the world’s-leading hotels, events companies, restaurants and tourism operators.

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