Study in Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School




Career Development: No matter what stage of their educational journey our students are at, we make sure they have the tools for ongoing career development, whether they’re just starting a Bachelor degree or are one of our alumni. Some key ways we do this are through our on-campus practical training and industry placements, and ongoing career counseling services.

Paid Industry Placements: The Bachelor program includes two industry placements and for the Masters program, one industry placement. Students are required to complete these industry placements in order to fulfil the requirements of the programs.

These placements reinforce and extend knowledge and skills learned on campus and provide invaluable networking opportunities with potential employers. The experience  gained during placements also helps students think about their career preferences and future paths.

Our students have completed their Industry Placements in a variety of exciting locations including:

  • 2010 Winter Olympics, Vancouver
  • Sheraton Mirage Port Douglas, Australia
  • Four Seasons Hotel Sydney, Australia
  • Tokyo Hilton, Japan
  • Sheraton Park Tower London, England
  • Hotel Intercontinental Geneva, Switzerland
  • Newport Bay Club Disneyland Paris, France
  • Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong
  • Whistler Mountains Ski Corps British Columbia, Canada
  • Hayman Island Resort, Australia
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