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The Travel & Tourism industry continues to expand rapidly in Singapore and across the globle .It is an exciting  industry to work in with a wide range of sectors such as Travel Agenices, Airlines , State and Regional Goverment Tourism Bureasus , the meeting , conference and exhibition arena , Eco-tourism and tourism attractions. People skills- communication , customer services , teamwork and excellent personal presentation are an essential part of working in the industry . You also need to be able to work well under pressure and to be highly organised . Our course covers these skills and many more. Unpon completion , you will be well placed on the pathway to a challenging and enjoyable career.

Special Features For Diploma in Travel and Tourism and Dipmloma in Hospitality Management 

These diplomas provides candidates with specialised knowledge of the Travel and Tourism and Hospitality industry with an emphasis on people skills , life long learning, effective communication , teamwork  and innovation use of technology.

Graduates are well placed to play an important part in the exapasion of Travel and Tourism and Hospitality industry , in large small enterprise and in private or public organisation .

Dipploma in Hospitality Management 

This dipolma is designed to provides students with an undrstanding and apperciation of Hospitality and Tourism Management , to prepare them executive management positions in the industry . Upon succesful copletion, the student will be awared the Diploma inj Hospitality Management.

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