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In a creative economy there is a growing need for high level professionals who can create and innovate value from the experience perspective. This Master in Imagineering is designed as a roadmap for that new ‘outside-in enterprise logic’.

Nowadays, people are driven much more by values of self-expression rather than values of rudimentary survival. They have a deep need to make sense of their lives in ways that are unique and personal. One of the most distinct ways in which this is manifested, is the new individual’s consumption pattern, by means of their choices they create their own identify. In our society, consumption is an absolute necessity , not a luxury. It is what people must engage into survive-much the same as hunting was in earlier societies. This psychological individuation and self-determination through consumption is a totally new historical phenomenon. Business organisations (whether profit or non-profit) continue to answer these new consumption patterns with the standard logic of traditional enterprise. This logic, called ‘managerial capitalism’ helped businesses to be successful in the past century, a century during which consumption was promoted by survival and values related to possession. Business organisations do not easily change from within. The chasm between today’s individuals and today’s commercial organisations leads to a ‘transaction crisis’.

The fundamental changes in the nature of consumption today will be tomorrow’s changes in the nature and purpose of business. This change will affect the underlying logic of capitalism itself. The ‘transaction crisis’ will pave the way for major transformations within the enterprise logic of many kinds of organisations and institutions.

Imagineering, value creation and value innovation from the experience perspective, is a new approach towards the trinity of branding. It is a way to discover the possibility of a new kind of convergence between consumer’s desires, technological capabilities and organisational innovations. These three elements will be combined to form new enterprise logic.

AIM: This master programme has been designed to provide a voyage of discovery, an expedition, in search of a new enterprise logic for companies or prosperity depends upon celebrating today’s individuals, by learning to see the world from their perspective and by accepting the deep structural consequences to the business environment. This is essentially the challenge of the expedition we call ‘Master in Imagineering’.

This programme will be realised in co-creation with top-lecturers from the academic world and the industry.

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