Study in Danish Business Academy Minerva

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The Danish Business Academy Minerva is a modern higher education centre, located in the city of Randers on the East Coast of Jutland. The Danish Business Academy Minerva, previously known as The Danish Business Academy, is a division of the larger Business College Minerva. The Business College Minerva was founded in 1877 and has a long-standing tradition for developing and offering higher education programmes.


Get access to our cutting-edge facilities

Use our state-of-the-art IT and multimedia facilities. All classrooms are equipped with PCs and projectors and there is unlimited internet access from all PCs at the Academy. You also get 24-hour access to the IT centre with about 100 workplaces, scanners , CD burners, and other special equipment. Wireless internet access is available throughout the Academy premises.

Develop your innovative and creative skills

Take an active part in your own education. At The Danish Business Academy Minerva we are committed to interactive and student-oriented teaching methods aimed at developing our students creative and innovative skills.

Learn to translate theory to practise

Through case studies and interdisciplinary project work, you will learn to translate theory to practise and get the hands-on skills that your future employers are looking for.

Begin your career before you graduate

During your studies, you will meet guest lecturers from private businesses, go on company visits and do a 3 months internship in a Danish or foreign company. Son while you study, you get useful work experience and build a network that will be a good starting point for your career.

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