Study in Fairleigh Dickinson University (FDU)




Preparing Students for the Challenges of University Study

The Pre-University Progra m provides academic support for students who meet the Univesity’s admission standards but require additional training in English prior to matriculating. Upon  arrival at the University’s campus in Vancouver, all students will be tested in English and math. The tests administerd to students are the equivalent to those administered to first-time, full-time freshmen entering any FDU campus.

Based on the English test results, students may be required to enter the Pre-University Program for one or two semesters. Typically, students at an IELTS level of 5.0 or equivalent will be recommended for admission to the Pre-University Program.

In addition to academic English courses, students in this pogram can take up to five courses (14 credits) which can count toward their degree program.


  • EPS 0097 Introduction to Academic English
  • EPS 0098 Practical Academic English
  • EPS 0099 Mastering Academic English
  • EPS 1101/ 1102 English for Professional Success in Business and IT
  • MATH 1107 Pre-Calculus
  • FRSH 1000 Freshman Seminar
  • EGTG 2201 Applied Calculus
  • INFO 1105 Software Applications in Business and Technology
  • MIS 1045 Computer Technology in Business Communication
  • QUANT 1239 Calculus with Business Applications
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