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The overarching goal of the B.S. in Information Technology dgeree program is to prepare students as information technologists and professionals who can assist general users, including individuals and organizations, in evaluating needs and solving problems related to information technology, as well as in applying It effectively in a global work environement driven by rapidly changing technology. The program provides students with broad, integrated knowledge in selected areas of information technology, including data communiucation, computer networking, computer-based systems, database management, application development, digital media, and elecronic publishing.

Students learn how to evaluate current and emerging technologies; identify user needs; design user-friendly interfaces; apply, configure and manage these technologies; and assess their impacts on individuals, organizations and the society. Moreover, with a concentration in business administration, graduates of this program will also possess additional knowledge and skills to apply fundamental business concepts and strategies in a global business community driven by information technology.

The degree program is offered through Fairleigh Dickinson’s Gildart Haase School of Computer Sciences and Engineering, in collaboration with Fairleigh Dickinson’s Silberman College of Business. This synergistic approach will provide students an information technology curriculum with disciplinary perspective in information technology and business administration.


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