Study in Glion Institute of Higher Education


Glion offers a wide range of hospitality, tourism, event, sport, and entertainment management programs to undergraduate, postgraduate, and graduate students.

  • UNDERGRADUATE PROGRAMS: Our undergraduate programs address all facts of traditional and contemporary management in their related fields as well as the economic, human, and cultural issues involved. Students develop a range of professional and personal competencies that prepare them to become enterpreneurs or to enter the corporate world.
  • POSTGRADUATE PROGRAMS: For those who aspire to change careers and enter the fast-growing and international hospitality, event, sport, and entertainment industry, we offer postgraduate programs tailor-made according to the student’s objectives and previous experience.
  • GRADUATE PROGRAMS: Responding to the need for more highly  qualified managers in the service industries, Glion offers its prominent MBA and MEd programs. By acquiring key managerial skills, students will gain a competitive advantage to succeed in this rapidly evolving global industry. In addition to the campus-based graduate programs, Glion offers the first 1o0% online MBA in International Hospitality Management. This MBA is a fully flexible program that fits the busy work life of the hospitality professional while providing key applied knowledge and core management theory.




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