Study in Humber Defining Polytechnic Education



Welcome to the exciting world of marketing! Humber’s Business Marketing program limits class sizes to offer more individual attention, a broader range of assigments and assessment techniques, and more in-class activities focused on practical  marketing skills. Learn  how to assess customer desires, create products to meet specific needs, and develop distribution, pricing and promotion strategies to efficiently target your customers. Use CRM, database, and presentation/internet software tools and  techniques to generate marketing and business plans for a new product, an international product launch, a new business and an integrated marketing communication program. Enhance your ability to work in a team, solve problems, and make creative decisions while exploring your personal goals, examining industry segments, and connecting with business leaders and faculty. This program is an excellent base for further marketing education and training. Access Humber’s extensive transfer system to recognized educational institutions around the world.

Upon completion opf semester one and two, students may elect to continue with the second year of the Business- Marketing program  or students may transfer into the second year of the Business Administration or Business Management programs.


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