Study in INHOLLAND University




INHOLLAND University Haarlem is traditionally an enterprising and progressive university. We cover the fields of economics, technology, education, health care, social care and media entertainment. Within each of these fields we offer a wide range of courses. Haarlem is the origin of unique and innovation courses such as Media & Entertainment Management, Business Engineering, Small Business and Medical Radiology for Images and Radiotherapy Techniques. We are so innovative that other universities have copied us, but the origins are here. That’s why we are in a perfect position to modernize our courses each and every time.

If you come to study at Haarlem, you will find our courses put you quickly in touch with creative networks of both students and business people. After all, studying these days is more than just learning.We offer you every chance to start your professional career during your studies. Such as beginning your own business, doing innovative work experience (abroad), working with one of our training companies, or organizing a large event, trade fair or sports activity. The latter often means looking after the whole event, and working  in a multi-disciplinary team made up from  students of various courses.

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