Study in InHolland University




Introduction: INHOLLAND University offers you a wide range of internationally oriented programmes covering a variety of professions. You also have the choice of studying at one of our sites throughout the s0-called ‘Randstad’- the urban conglomeration in the western coastal region of the Netherlands. You will be able to study for the profession of your choice while living in one of Europe’s most culturally diverse and economically vibrant societies. Wherever you decide to live and study in the Randstad, INHOLLAND University has a teaching site near you. Our network companies and partner institutions will give you ample opportunities to acquire practical experience and to study both in the Netherlands and abroad. We are aware that this choice is an important one, and that it will have a profound effect on your future career prospects. We will gladly answer any questions that you may have and look forward to welcoming you to INHOLLAND University.



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