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BA (Hons) in International Business

American College Dublin students have a wide range of opportunities open to the when they complete their degree. Students can choose to work or to continue their studies at ACD or in another University. This degree opens up opportunities for students in work or study at postgraduate level in the United State of America.

Ts students have gone to work in diverse areas such as telecommunications, advertising, public relations, communications and insurance. Some of its students have also set up their own businesses. Its students have a strong record of success in the workplace and in their post-graduate courses. The options are endless when you have a strong degree from ACD.

What’s different about studying International Business at ACD?

The four year program at ACD is accredited by ACICS. This is American Accreditation. The degree consists of general education modules in year one. In year two, three and four the degree focuses on Business. Like all ACD degrees, there is a strong emphasis on a mix of theory, practice and work experience. Classes are interactive environments where students are encouraged to exchange ideas and experiences. There is a strong focus on developing the student’s personal skills such as public speaking and debating to ensure that its graduates have the skills needed to work in any role.

Learning Pathways


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Year One: English composition, Cultural anthropology, General mathematics, language electives, Introduction to psychology, Public forum, World affairs

Year Two: Introduction to management, Microeconomics, Accounting 1, Principles of marketing, Spreadsheet design, Organizational behavior, Macroeconomics, Accounting 2, Business law, Probability and statistics

Year Three: Managerial accounting, Corporate finance, Networks databases, International marketing, International law, International economics, Quantitative business analysis, E-commerce and internet marketing, Sustainable business, Business research methods

Year Four: Entrepreneurship, International finance, International HRM, Operations management, Research project, International business ethics, International investment strategies, Strategic management, Information systems, International trade, International business: theory and policy


Living in Dublin


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Dublin, Ireland’s capital city, lies on Dublin Bay and overlooks the Irish Sea that divides Ireland and Britain. The city ranks among the top tourist destinations in Europe and in the last decade there has been an economic boom, which has seen areas of Dublin change dramatically.

Many historical areas have been rejuvenated and restored; new shopping centers have arrived along with many restaurants, clubs and bars, making Dublin an exciting place to stay. One thing that you won’t be short of in Dublin is entertainment. Whole area of the city, like Temple Bar, buzz with energy and creativity. Temple Bar is one of the Dublin’s most popular areas, where you will find a large concentration of pubs, restaurants, cafes, shops and art galleries. As evening approaches and the shops begin to close, Temple Bar transforms into an exciting party hotspot with a friendly atmosphere.

College Facilities


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American College Dublin is located in beautifully restored Georgian buildings on Merrion Square. It is a specialist College, focus on giving its students the best possible education.

On campus, there are number of Facilities. There is a student lounge, student computer rooms, a specialist Experimental design laboratory for Psychology students, a Library and a College Café.

The student computer room provides access to all necessary programmes that students will need for their classes. It also provides high speed internet access. The college has a wireless system in addition to the computer room. This wireless system can be accessed from anywhere within the college.

The Rooney Library is an excellent resource for students. Sperenza’s Café is located in the College. It provides refreshments and lunches for its students at reasonable prices. The café has two seating areas and an outside area. It is always a hub of activity within the college. Students meet there and spend hours making new, lifelong friends.


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