BA (Hons) in Journalism

This degree course in journalism provides a broad general education, both in the major areas covered in the discipline of journalism itself and through the complementary subjects that will develop the students ability to think critically about journalism, home and abroad. You will gain practical skills in print, broadcasting and contemporary communication technologies as well as a comprehensive understanding of the general culture in which journalism is practiced in Ireland and Europe. The course also develops communication, teamwork and workplace skills. It will develop an awareness of both the ethical issues facing journalists and the responsibilities and roles of the journalist in society. The course delivers a range of transferable skills including computing, communication and research as well as theoretical, writing and editing skills.

Course Content

  • Digital Photography
  • Introduction to Broadcasting
  • Ireland’s Media
  • Information Technology for Journalism
  • Web Development
  • Communication for Personal Success
  • Learning to Learn
  • Basic News Reporting
  • Digital Media History

Course Duration

3 years

Entry Requirements

  • Student must have completed 12th
  • Student must have IELTS score 6 bands.



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