Study in Jonkoping International Business School




If you are looking for a business school that takes a genuine and through interest in international work and relations, JIBS is the right  place. JIBS has established itself as one of the most international student and they represent over fifty countries worldwide,and many of our faculty are international as well.

All this contributes to an outstanding international atmosphere the school. Since all lectures are given in English we don’t give special courses to our guest students. The exchange of ideas and perspective is vital to our ambition to make the learning experience much richer.

We at JIBS understand that the new leaders of today’s business world must have a global perspective and understand the intricacies and complexities of doing business on the international stage. This stage is highly competitive, dynamic, and ever-changing, and it is the challenge of business schools today to prepare these professionals for the vital role demanded of them. JIBS is committed to providing the highest quality education and remaining the most international business/economics university in Sweden.



After graduating from any of JIBS programmes you will have a broad-based education with a competitive edge and be equipped with a thourough understanding of business in practice. And by that we mean all kinds of businesses. Either you  can choose to develop one of your own business ideas and get valuable help from JIBS business  incubator. Or you could land a managing role in a small or medium sized company or take place in the office of a multi-national company.

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