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Education, Science and Culture Centre

  • Latvia University of Agriculture is one of the oldest higher education institutions in Latvia, rich with its own culture, traditions and accumulated knowledge.
  • The university is multi-profiled. Besides the traditional study fields, LLU also provides multiform unique study programmes related with advanced agriculture, veterinary medicine, food production, forestry and landscape architecture.
  • Study programmes are taught in English by local and foreign lecturers.
  • Internationally recognized diploma.
  • Studies in a close connection with research and technology transfer.
  • The university is located in Jelgava- an old cultural city which is only 40 km from the capital of Latvia- Riga. Jelgava is recognized as a true student city. Here you will enjoy green and natural environment combined with sophisticated studies ad research, as well as joyful social and cultural events.


Bachelor Level Study Programmes

  • Bachelor in Veterinary Medicine
  • Bachelor in Economics
  • Bachelor in Home Environment in Education
  • Bachelor in Computer Control and Computer Science
  • Bachelor in Sociology of Organizations and Public Administration


Master Level Study Programmes

  • Master in Information Technologies
  • Master in Landscape Architecture
  • Master in Land Management
  • Master I Engineering (Agricultural energetic)
  • Master in Engineering (Autotransport)
  • Master in Pedagogy
  • Master in Career Consultant (professional)
  • Master in Wood Materials and Technology
  • Master in Forest Ecology and Silviculture
  • Master in Food Science
  • Master in Business Management
  • Master in Sociology of Organizations and Public Administration
  • Master in Forest and Regional Economics


Doctoral Level Study Programmes

  • Doctorate in Pedagogy
  • Doctorate in Agriculture
  • Doctorate in Agricultural and Regional Economics
  • Doctorate in Food Science
  • Doctorate in Civil Engineering
  • Doctorate in Landscape Architecture
  • Doctorate in Agriculture Engineering
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