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 Bachelor of Social Sciences in Management

The aim of the programme „Business Administration” with specialization in International Business  is to prepare the students to develop their own business in international environment or to work as a highly qualified specialist in state, private and international institutions. The graduates will have a full range of competences to work in the field of entrepreneurship in the context of laws and regulations. Students will be trained to work both – individually and in groups; they will also develop their presentation skills, analytical skills and critical thinking skills, which are necessary both for the labor market to remain effective and for business organizations to develop in a changing economic environment.

Career prospects

Graduates will be able to develop their own business on international level, to work in international companies, multinational corporations, in the institutions of foreign affairs and economics, in international, state, non-governmental and private organizations, in embassies and banks.

Course Duration:

8 Semesters



Language of Instruction:


Admission requirements

  1. General secondary high school diploma;
  2. English language proficiency.


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