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Professional Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technologies

The aim of the DU Professional Bachelor’s Study Programme “Information Technologies” is to provide professional studies that meet Latvian and European economical, cultural and social needs, are based on theoretical background of various IT branches, correspond to standard of software engineer profession and are practically applicable.

Specific tasks of the Study Programme are the following:

  • provide theoretical knowledge and practical skills required for specialists in computer science;
  • teach students skills of independent practical work and integration of different scientific and theoretical knowledge into practice;
  • encourage students to analyse the gained experience and to individually and independently acquire new knowledge

Learning outcomes:

Knowledge: Able to demonstrate basic and specialized knowledge and understanding of the most significant concepts and regularities characteristic to the branch information technologies and the profession of software engineer.



Course Duration:

4 years

Admission Requirement:

  • Document certifying secondary education

Obtainable Qualification:

Software Engineer




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