Bachelor program in Management of International Communication 

In this programme you will learn the methods of science and research under the guidance of internationally recognized professors. These will aid you in formulating the topic of your promotion paper and preparing the plan and the schedule for its completion.

There will be a decisive point in the preparation of the promotion paper by carrying out and completing the empirical research and discussing it further in theoretical workshops of doctoral students. The courses become more detailed as you take up the subjects of state administration and government communications, international politics and the management and communications psychology.

Course Contents:

  • Integrated Marketing Communications
  • Contemporary Communication Theories
  • Media Management
  • Strategic Communication
  • Foreign Language
  • Theoretical Workshop of Doctoral Students and Individual Scientific Research Work
  • Advertising and Brand Management
  • International Politics and Communications
  • University Teaching Methods and Management

Career Options:

  • You’ll obtain the possibility to become an internationally recognised expert while studying in the most highly estimated information and communication science programme in Latvia.
  • Your expertise will be highly demanded — sciencebusinessand country leaders would employ and listen to you;
  • You will be able to freely choose the topic for research, get involved in international communications research networksand projectscarry out scientific and applied research and sell it.

Study Period:

3.6 Academic Years


February / September


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