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Bachelor in Electronics and Telecommunications

The programme comprises the courses on fundamental sciences – Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry, understanding of which is mandatory for Electronics.

As well as courses on computer literacy and application of computers in Electronics, courses on fundamentals of Electronics – circuit theory; signal theory, electrodynamics and electron devices.

Understanding of the latter is necessary in order to be able to design analogue and digital devices, to understand the operation of modern electronic systems such as radio systems and those of image transmission.

The programme comprises also humanitarian subjects and subjects of free choice.


                                               The knowledge acquired allows alumni of the study programme to start work in electronics enterprises which design and produce devices and equipment where many purpose electronic components are used; in organisations which operate in the field of computer applications, processing and transmission of information, automation, exploitation of every day techniques; exploitation of medical equipment. Alumni can be involved in design and production of different systems and components, their experimental control, exploitation and maintenance of different electronic systems.

 Course Duration

3 years

Entry requirements

student must have completed 12th standard.


feb / sept .


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