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The Master of Information Systems is designed specifically to attract graduates that do not necessarily have a background in information technology in business environments. The main focus of the Master of Information Systems is to provide a state of the art programme that considers modern principles and theories of computing together with the practical applications of information technology.

The Master of Information Systems examines both the organisational and technological issues that are needed for the analysis and design of business information systems with a strong emphasis on electronic commerce. The Master of Information Systems aims to provide students with the appropriate knowledge, skills and values to be effective in modern busines environments.

Course Duration: 4 Semesters




The cousre is based on a number of core units, which cover the fundamentals of accounting. These units provide students with knowledge and skills in accounting, business law, Australian taxation and auditing. The underlying focus will be on the fundamental concepts, which enable students to become skilled professionals in all areas of commerce of public organisations, or to start their own enterprises.

Course Duration: 4 Semesters

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