Study in Melbourne Institute of Technology




BACHELOR OF MANAGEMENT: The Bachelor of Manegement course is based on a number of core units, which cover the fundamentals of business with particular emphasis in management and marketing. The underlying focus is on marketing concepts, which enables students to become skilled management and marketing professionals in all areas of commerce or public organisations, ort even to start their own enterprises.

Course Duration: 6 semesters


BACHELOR OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY: The course is based on a number of core units, which cover the fundamentals of information technology. These units provide students with knowledge and skills in programming, systems design, networks and operating systems. The underlying focus will be on the fundamental concepts which enable students to become skilled professionals in all areas of web based development. These core units will be complemented by elective studies in areas associated with software development, networking or electronic commerce.

The later units of the course enable students to exercise, develop and apply their knowledge and skills in areas where the Internet and World Wide Web are increasing in importance. There will be a balance between specific knowledge of particular development tools (languages, operating systems, development environments) and general lifelong learning skills which ensure that graduates are able to remain at the forefront of this vibrant and rapidly developing sector.

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