Study in Melbourne Institute of Technology




The General English Course: The General English Course focuses on developing practical survival skills in Elementary and Intermediate level students. These include understanding directions and following instructions, describing people and places, recounting experiences, completing transactions, expressing opinions and being successful in social situations by engaging in polite communication strategies.

In listening and reading classes students learn vocabulary associated with a different topic every week, then develop confidence in using the learnt language by presenting weekly writing and fortnightly speaking assessment tasks.


The English for Academic Preparation Course (EAP): The EAP course is designed t give students an introduction to the local culture and expectations of Australian teritary study. This course is ideal for students wishing to undertake higher education in Australia.

As most students intend to proceed to courses at Diploma, Bachelor, or Postgraduate level, the EAP course is designed to enable them to master the prerequisite skills in English necessary to enter, and succeed in these courses.

These include essay and report writing skills, oral presentation and debating skills, which form the basis of assessment. Avoiding plagiarism by introducing effective referencing, note taking and summary skills is also included.

The EAP Course is appropriate for students who have not reached the IELTS prerequisite for entry  into teritary courses of their choice. Students who are looking 0.5 to 1.0 points for Masters, Bachelor or Diploma courses may undertake ten to twenty weeks of EAP. In other words, ten weeks of EAP is equivalent to 0.5 of an IELTS score.

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