Study in Monash University




Monash Art & Design is a vibrant, creative centre within the University: a place for excellence and innovation in art, design, multimedia and digital arts.

Study at Monash is a richly rewarding academic and lifestyle experience and the Faculty of Art and Design offers that are professional, flexible, progressive and relevant.


BACHELOR OF FINE ART: This course focuses on the innovative, creative and critical analysis required to pursue a vocation as a practicing artist. The program is designed for the highly focused student, and applicants will generally have a well-developed folio in the studio area they are applying for.

Students pursue a major studio unit in one of painting, sculpture, photo media, print media, ceramics, glass, metals and jewellery. or tapestry.

Studies also include drawing, the theory of art and design, professional, practice, digital imaging, and a range of studio and theory electives.

BACHELOR OF MULTIMEDIA AND DIGITAL ARTS: This is a broad-based degree covering the study of multimedia and digital studios, as well as units in theory, drawing, professional practice and a choice of electives.

Students can major in either multimedia design or digital arts and will develop skills in project  planning, concept formation, problem solving, project development and communication, as well as an understanding of the aesthetic aspects of multimedia and digital arts.

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