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Monash Arts is one of the largest and most dynamic Arts faculties in Australia. More than 7,000 students are currently developing skills that are portable and lasting- opening up a huge range of career opportunities.


BACHELOR OF ARTS: The Bachelor of Arts is a flexible degree that allows students to match their academic interests with their career goals to create the ideal course. Arts provides a set of general, portable and lasting skills vital to any career, such as the ability to research an issue, present an argument, analyze information, communicate clearly and relate well to people.

There are no compulsory units. Students choose from a wide selection of studies and complete at least one major, one minor and a first-year sequence in arts.

Elective units, or a second major, may be chosen from Arts or an approved area taught by another faculty.


BACHELOR OF ARTS (ENGLISH LANGUAGE): This course is designed to provide students with a deeper understanding of the basic workings of the English language. The course focuses on the design of English, the part it plays in society today, how it evolves and how it is acquired and learned.

At completion of the course, students will have highly developed skills in professional writing and oral communication, which are necessary in the current global English-centric environment.


BACHELOR OF ARTS (JOURNALISM): The degree provides an understanding of the role of communication in modern society along with the practical skills ad experience required to work in the communication sector.

Students complete a journalism major and compulsory studies in communications, focusing on print, radio and television, desktop publishing, electronic journalism, narrow-casting and broad-casting. They also complete a minor and a sequence chosen from a range of humanities studies. A work placement may be included in the final year.

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