Study in Monash University




The Faculty of Business and Economics at Monash is Australia’s largest university faculty. We have the scale and diversity to offer students a wide and integrated selection of business courses, supported by first class teaching and research.

The faculty portfolio includes an extensive array of undergraduate degrees, specialized graduate programs and higher degrees by research.


BACHELOR OF BUSINESS (HUMAN RESOURCES): The course combines specialized studies in human resources management and employee relations with  generalist management units.

The degree comprises six foundation units (accounting and finance, business law and taxation, econometrics and business statistics, economics, management, marketing); six units from a choice  offered by the faculty; six elective units; and eight specialist units in management (these form the major).


BACHELOR OF ARTS/ BACHELOR OF COMMERCE: This course combines studies in commerce with studies in the humanities, languages or social sciences.

Students study compulsory units in commerce, a major and minor in arts, and a major chosen from accounting, finance, economics, business law and taxation, econometrics and business statistics, management and marketing. For arts major and minor, refer to the arts disciplines table.


BACHELOR OF BIOMEDICAL SCIENCE/ BACHELOR OF ECONOMICS: Studies on this double degree include foundation units in all business and economics disciplines, as well as specializations in biomedical science and economics. Students undertake 16 units from the Faculty of Business and Economics,and 16 units in biomedical sciences, including chemistry, biophysics, molecular biology, genetics, neurobiology, biotechnology, and health policy and management.

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