Study in Monash University




A Monash Information Technology qualification is a passport to a job almost anywhere in the world in areas where information and communication technologies are used. We offer outstanding facilities, excellent teachers are the reputation to make you stand out from other graduates when you enter the work force.

Information Technology at Monash prepares you for many career paths as well as traditional computing jobs.


BACHELOR OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AND SYSTEMS: This is a general IT that prepares future information technology professionals for careers in a range of specialized information technology fields.

As well as studying common core units, students select and complete units in a major field of IT. Majors are offered at different campuses.

A double major is offered in business systems/applications development and networks.

At the time of publication this degree has six major streams, through more are proposed for 2007. Prospective students should consult the faculty website for current information.

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