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Bachelor of Medical Science

This degree provides students enrolled in the MBBS course with an opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of aspects of medical science and to pursue the study of this field through research.

During the course students undertake research activities supervised through a department of the faculty and complete a minor thesis. Students resume the MBBS course after completion of the BMedSc year.

This degree is normally awarded at honours standard only.

Bachelor of Midewifery

The course aims to prepare a competent midwife who can work in a variety of maternity settings to the full capacity of the internationally defined role and scope of practice of the midwife.

Themes that flows through the course are that women are central to the provision of care, care of the woman across the lifespan, contexts of professional midwifery practice, understanding of scientific processes affecting the care of woman and family, development of professional values and contemporary midwifery practice, exploration of essential sciences and pharmacology underpinning midwifery practice, and provision of acre within multicultural contexts.

Clinical practice makes up 50% of the degree and provides the opportunity to apply theory to practice under supervision.

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