Study in Monash University




Monash University’s Australian campuses are in and around the city of Melbourne, the capital of the state of Victoria The Economist Intelligence Unit has consistently ranked Melbourne at or near the top of their list of the most liveable cities in the world. Melbourne has been independently recognized for its safety, culture and environment, education, infrastructure and climate.

A taste of Melbourne: Melbourne’s population of more than 4 million are spread over a broad geographic area, from mountains and plains in the north of the city to dozens of bayside suburbs taking advantage of the views, restaurants and beaches found near Port Phillip Bay.

Beaches are within an hour of most campuses-a few minutes away from some-while some of Victoria’s most popular ski resorts are just three hours away.

From fashion, food  and fun downtown, to national parks, wineries and beaches in surrounding areas, Melbourne offers an excellent base for students.

Out and about in Melbourne

Climate: Melbourne’s climate is temperature with four distinct seasons. In Summer, the city’s beaches are often packed, with many days over 30 degree Celsius, while the mountains near the city are frequently snow-capped during water.

Arts and Culture: From buskers amusing people on the city streets, to classic symphonies and world-class drama and musicals, Melbourne’s diverse cultural activities are sure to inspire and entertain you. You can listen to live music at a variety of venues around the city, including Monash campuses.

Parks and Gardens

Beautiful parks and gardens abound in Melbourne, offering an idyllic escape from the busy world of the city. They make great visiting all year around.


Melbourne is often referred to as Australia’s restaurant capital. This is not surprising considering that the city is home to more than 3,000 restaurants. This means you’ll easily find something to suit your taste and price range.


From fashion to furniture, Melbourne boasts unlimited choices and many venues for shopping. From bargain outlets to designer wear, Melbourne has it all.


Sport is always in the air in Melbourne from Australian Rules football to cricket, golf, tennis, surfing, swimming and sailing. You can participate or be a spectator all year around.

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