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About New Zealand

New Zealand is an island country located in the Pacific Ocean. The country mainly comprises of two islands, the North Island and South Island, although there are also numerous smaller islands. The closest countries to New Zealand are Australia and the Pacific island nations: Fiji, New Caledonia and Tonga.

Despite its isolated location, New Zealand is a developed nation with great connections with the rest of the world. There are frequent international flights as well as fast internet connections that connect New Zealand with the rest of the world.

New Zealand is a country of great beauty. Many people encountered New Zealand’s great natural beauty for the first time through the Lord of the Rings film trilogy, which was filmed in New Zealand. As can be seen from the films, the country offers great geographic diversity: mountains, coasts, and lakes, along with unique plant life and animals, although you won’t find any Hobbits. New Zealand offers a rich mix of various cultures, including Maori, Pakeha (people of European descent), Asian and Pacific peoples. It is a country made for those with adventurous spirit.

If you choose to study in New Zealand you will be able to explore all of this scenic beauty and unique culture. As an international student you will also be able to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle full of various social opportunities.

Why choose to study in New Zealand?

  • New Zealanders are a famously hospitable people with a lively interest in other cultures
  • New Zealand has welcomed many cultures from other countries in as such that now, New Zealand has become a multi-cultural and rapidly growing country for immigrants. English is the everyday language and there is strong English Language support for international students.
  • International students can expect a high standard of education and living conditions
  • A great variety of recreational and cultural experiences are available in a country renowned for its natural beauty.
  • The climate is nice and pleasant with seasonal changes that is conducive to study and recreation
  • The cost of living and tuition in New Zealand compare well with other countries.
  • Students educated in the New Zealand education environment are earning a reputation as a new breed of innovative thinkers and are enjoying career success the world over.

Studying in Tasman International Academies

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Tasman International Academies (TIA) is a Tertiary Education provider registered with the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA). TIA is also a signatory to the Code of Practice administered by the New Zealand Ministry of Education to ensure the safety of all our students, and that they have the proper care and attention expected.

 TIA is committed to providing quality English language and Tertiary to its students ins supportive and relaxing environment. TIA is situated in the Auckland CBD and provides modern premises and complete facilities. With its relatively small class sizes, students only receive highly personalized serviced and attention. Its highly qualified and experienced teachers are dedicated to ensuring your time in New Zealand is happy and successful.

To ensure you are able to pathway to your future courses and qualifications at a desired institution, TIA has established relationships with key education providers in New Zealand, Australia and the UK. These pathways demonstrate a clear direction for you to attain the qualifications you strive for at the level you desire.

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New Zealand is similar in size to the United Kingdom or Japan but the population is just over 4 million. Its closest neighbor is Australia, 3 hours away by plan. New Zealanders are famous as hospitable people with a lively interest in other cultures. Beyond the warm welcome, you’ll find New Zealand on easy place to fit in and enjoy the casual, safe and relaxing lifestyle. An education here is frequently the beginning of lifelong friendships.

Auckland is the country’s business centre,a  cosmopolitan city with a casual South Pacific feeling. Furthermore, Auckland is a modern bustling metropolis where European, Maori , Asian and cultures meet and mix in an atmosphere of friendly participation.



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