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Financial Management

  • This module enables students to use the accounting tools to analyze financial statements in order to understand, and apply financial analysis in a business operation and to report to management to assist in the decision making process.

Marketing Management

  • Students will be able to develop and implement operations marketing plans, including specific plans for direct marketing activities, for relevant business opportunities/
  • Students will also be able to determine the specific marketing mix for different business environments.

Small Business

  • In this module students will develop their own franchise proposals and as part of the learning programme, evaluate standard businesses, franchisers and franchisees across a range of case studies. As a component of the development of their franchise, students will be able to develop a comprehensive business proposal.

Human Resource Management

  • Students will be able to implement a remuneration reviews in  relevant organisations as requested.
  • Occupational Health and Safety Management Practice
  • Students will be able to analyse H&S systems and manage the introduction of improvement strategies.

Business Relationship Management

  • Students will be able to effectively review customer service and satisfaction against specific standards and develop and implement plans to enhance customer relationships.

Strategic Management

  • This module prepares the student to contribute and prepare a formal strategic plan, monitor and review it for organisational strategy development and analyse factors contributing to organisational purpose, direction and values.
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