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Media Culture

  • Introduction to different forms and genres of media and their relevance to media industry
  • Introduction to theoretical and philosophical issues concerning art forms
  • In-depth evaluation and contextualization of works of media

Script Writing

  • Scriptwriters role in a production
  • Various genres of Film & TV techniques, their history and development
  • Working knowledge and practical writing experience in using a wide range of genres
  • Background project research, interview research and location research, while establishing script/ story structure with beginning, middle and end


  • Directors role in a production
  • Introduction to Film, TV & Video formats and techniques and practical experience at, working with the essential production equipment, facilities, materials and supplies
  • Responsibilities and duties of each crew member and their work inter-relates with the work of the Director
  • Practical working skills required in pre-production planning
  • Practical experience in use of camera angles, framing, compositions, sequences, etc
  • Production planning with Producer in realizing and completion the project


  • Producers role in a production
  • Introduction to the Film, Video and TV industry and its production practices
  • Production crew duties and responsibilities with practical work experience
  • Introduction to formats and their use in the Television industry and how it’s used
  • Hands-on production experience in all areas of production planning disciplines


  • Cameraman/ operators role in a production
  • Introduction to the Film, Video and Television Industry
  • Practical working skills/ knowledge/ techniques required for camera setup
  • Practical working experience in the use of the equipment, facilities, materials and accessories
  • Coordination, pre-production planning and liaising with all relevant departments
  • Project research, Script breakdowns, Location scouting, Preparation of shooting scripts, Shot lists and Story boards
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