Study in Newton College of Business and Technology




Hardware and Network Fundamentals

  • Hardware components and their characteristics
  • Networking components and their characteristics
  • Fundamental data communication and networking
  • Modes of data and computer communication
  • Various telephone and data networks and related standards

Network Administration and Help Desk

  • Configure and administer a peer-to-peer local area network
  • Configure and administer a client server local area network
  • Install and configure any common applications shared across a client server network
  • Knowledge of a help desk environment
  • Advances and emerging trends in network and help desk administration

Operating System

  • Install Linux OS with appropriate device drivers and kernel modules
  • Manage multi-user OS from both command line and GUI environment
  • Troubleshoot and manage the network
  • Compile and/or install kernel modules and device drivers
  • Create and use intermediate level shell scripts
  • Knowledge of tasks of a network systems administrator

Network Protocols and Technologies

  • Analyze the purpose and features of networking protocols
  • Evaluate the significant features of LAN and WAN protocols
  • Develop integrated network using TCP/IP features
  • Examine recent advances in networking technologies
  • Case study on LAN and WAN
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