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Mission Statement:-

In teaching and service, the mission of the Intensive English Communication Program is to provide outstanding instruction in academic English communication to adult English language learners so that they can successfully participate in American institutions of higher education. The IECP is also committed to the continuous professional development of our faculty and staff and to contributing service and leadership to the TESOL profession through our faculty members’ teaching, service and committee work.


The IECP offers courses in Academic Interactions, Academic Literacies, Grammar for Interactions and Grammar for Literacies focused on academic English to help students prepare to study at institutions of higher learning in the U.S.  We also have two modules Applied English: Science and Humanity and Test Skills: TOEFL or IELTS.

 Classes (Starting Fall 2015):-

In the Intensive English Communication Program (IECP), you will study:

  • Academic Interactions:Academic oral communication courses that prepare individuals for comprehension and production of Academic English in a variety of academic encounters
  • Academic Literacies:Academic reading and writing courses that prepare individuals for written Academic English in a variety of academic contexts
  • Grammar for Interactions:Complementary courses that prepare individuals for the grammar necessary for oral communication
  • Grammar for Literacies:Complementary courses that prepare individuals for the grammar necessary for academic reading and writing
  • *Applied English:Science and humanities courses that focus on content and language within those specific academic field
  • Test Skills:Preparation courses that teach individuals test-taking strategies in TOEFLibt or IELTS

These were successfully launched in Spring 2015 as “Modules”.

 Student Activities:-

Learning English becomes easier when you do fun things outside of class. You, your new IECP friends, the teachers, and staff will take part in many activities and attend many cultural events. These are wonderful ways to use and improve your English, learn about the world, and participate in American university life.

IECP students in the past have enjoyed:

  • whitewater rafting
  • Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling water house
  • baseball games, picnics, summer festivals, and outdoor music festivals
  • ice skating, camping, and swimming
  • Bus tours to Niagara Falls and Washington, D.C.
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