Study in Roskilde Business College




After graduation from the AP Degree Programmes students joining Roskilde Business College have the possibility to continue their studies in Denmark for a Bachelor Degree.

Since all AP Degree Programmes are ECTS accredited you will be able to pursue and obtain a Bachelor’s degree at most Universities in Denmark within 1 to 2 years. You also have a wide range of possibilities for further education in other countries, especially in Europe, since the programme is ECTS accredited. You have to observe the visa regulations of the country of your interest since you will subject to those.

At Roskilde Business College recommend students to join one of the programmes that are offered by SDU university of Southern Denmark (

There is no tuition fee for Danish, European students. Non-European students have to pay the full fee for the full programme.

Besides the options for pursuing a bachelor degree programme with the University of Southern Denmark you further have the option and possibility to join programmes at institutions outside Denmark. Roskilde has an extensive network of partner institutions that offer AP Degree holders admission for top-up bachelor studies. You have to observe the visa regulations and requirements of the country you wish to study in.


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