Study in Roskilde Business College




The Certificate in International Business (CIB) is a one year preparation course in International Business tailored for non-European students.

The objective of CIB is to give students a basic insight into the business world thus enabling successful students to further their studies at our institution for higher education and furthermore enhancing their career opportunities.

The course is a full-time college preparation course qualifying students to pursue higher education in Denmark and is completed with examinations in all subjects. Students who demonstrate and prove excellent study performance and high motivation at the CIB programme have the possibility of being qualified by the college to start their chosen AP Degree Programme after only half a year of study.

The programme also offers general knowledge of western economics and culture, an introduction to the Scandinavian learning and study techniques and an improved ability of using English as a study language. Students learn basic Danish language in order to make the student’s everyday life in Denmark easier.


CIB offer you the opportunity to continue studying either the AP Degree Programme in Marketing Management or the AP Degree Programme in Computer Science, followed by an opportunity to study 1-2 year further in order to achieve a bachelor degree.

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