Study in Roskilde Business College




Roskilde Business College is among the oldest business colleges in Denmark and was founded in 1869 by the local business community in Roskilde.

The college started out with only 10 students and during the first couple of years the college struggled to survive and develop the number of students.

Today Roskilde Business College is among the larger colleges in Denmark attracting students from all over Denmark. And due to our proximity to Copenhagen, the capital city of Denmark, the college today becomes more and more attractive to international students as well.

Roskilde Business College is an independent self-governed institution (under the overall authority of the Ministry of Education of Denmark) and offers educational programmes within Business. The college is situated approx. 1.5 km centre of Roskilde and only 25 minutes by train from Copenhagen. The college has today app. 8000 students in total and the annual number of students is increasing.

Roskilde Business College belongs to the sector of Vocational Education and Training Institutions in Denmark. The college offers both theoretical and vocational programmes. Courses range from basic vocational training to upper-secondary level, higher education and one-year top-up bachelor courses.

The educational programmes are of high professional and pedagogical quality.

In recent years, Roskilde Business College has been involved in several international projects in Europe, US, Canada and Australia and thus offers a variety of international programmes. Furthermore, the number of international programmes is growing and we allocate a lot of resources and attention towards catering international students in Roskilde. A modern study environment is prevalent for international students at Roskilde Business College, Stimulating academic learning, elements of general education and social competence, and forward-looking teaching methods. By doing project work and theme tasks students do not learn from teachers only, but also from each other.

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