Study in Sheridan International



Founded in 1967 and located in the Greater Toronto Area, Sheridan Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning  has grown to become one of Canada’s leading polytechnics with more than 15,000 full-time students.


  • State of the art facilities featuring the latest computers and technology
  • Practical hands-on, career-driven education
  • Work and study through paid co-op programs
  • Highly dedicated faculty with professional industry experience
  • An innovator in the integration of mobile computing technology into the teaching/learning experience
  • Most extensive use of laptop computers in programs among all the colleges and universities in Canada
  • Start with ESL prior to degrees, diplomas and postgraduate studies
  • World famous programs
  • Link to some of the world’s top universities
  • Live close to the hustle and bustle of Toronto’s business and industry while still enjoying the beauty of nature and high standard of living in Oakville and Brampton
  • Join the institution where so many Emmy, Oscar and Genie award winners have studied
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