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Master of Education

Master of Education in Hospitality Organizational Training and Management

This program has been designed for people who wish to work in tertiary education or training departments within hospitality and service industries.

It addresses the performance and training of individuals and groups within organizations and also deals with the development of people and processes critical to high performance organizations. Students develop and practice transferrable skills such as communication, self-management and critical thinking. This program is based on the belief that learning leads to change and that those organizations with the ability to learn continuously will be successful in uncertain and changing environments. The program is delivered through separate and integrated studies.

Preparatory Knowledge Program

  • Managerial Communications
  • Tourism

Core Courses Modules (Semester 1)

  • Skills for Teaching and Training |
  • Distance and E Learning
  • Challenges of Leadership
  • Fundamentals of Educational Thought
  • Cross-cultural Management
  • Business Research Methods

Specialized Modules (Semester 2)

  • Skills for Teaching and Training ||
  • Workplace and Action Learning
  • Education Policy, Philosophy and Quality
  • Education and Ethics
  • Curriculum Design
  • Professional Development and Training Processes
  • Applied Research Project
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