Study in Tallinn University of Technology




Degree Programmes in English

Bachelor Studies:

International Business Administration- B.A. in Social Science- 3 years

Master Studies:

International Business Administration- MBA- 2 years

Information Technology- M.Sc in Engineering- 2 years

Industrial Engineering and Management- M.Sc in Engineering- 2 years

Environmental Management in Engineering and Cleaner Production- M.Sc- 2 years

Technology Governance- M.A. in Social Science- 1 year



  • Tallinn University of Technology (TUT) is accredited by the Ministry of Education in Education in Estonia and has long-standing academic history
  • The second biggest university in the capital of Estonia, Tallinn. TUT is committed to high level research and development in the broad fields of engineering, technology, science, humanities and business management.
  • Estonia is one of the key entry points to Scandinavia, Russia and mainland Europe.
  • International Study Center has been established at TUT to take care of international recruitment, admissions and student services especially for the international degree students.



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