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About the Netherlands: When you arrive in the Netherlands at Schiphol Airport, you will get a first impression of the polders, ditches, rivers and cities as seen from the air. The Netherlands is also referred to as Holland, a collective name for the two western provinces (North and South Holland). If you continue your journey from Schiphol by train, you will see that urban and industrial areas are alternated by meadows, forests and lakes.

The country is very flat, which makes the horizon look rather wide. The roads are busy, and so are the inland waterways, while there is also a lot of air traffic. Since the Netherlands is a relatively small country with an extensive rail network, you can reach all the places of interest quickly and easily. The official language is Dutch.  But fortunately most Dutch people speak and understand English.

The country has a knowledge-based society; its prosperity is primarily based on advanced, global services. That is why there is an attitude of openness towards the rest of the world. It is open to business, but its also socially and culturally open. That makes it an ideal environment for students who want to enrich their knowledge abroad.

About Eindhoven: Eindhoven is located in the south-east of the Netherlands, within 50 kilometres of both the German and Belgian borders. The Eindhoven region is internationally recognized as a center for advanced technology, and id characterized by knowledge and creativity. Eindhoven is the fifth-largest city in the Netherlands, and number one in terms of technology. It holds a strategic position as one of Western Europe’s leading technology centers, and has been the base for the research and development facilities of Royal Philips Electronics for over a century. Many other global companies have established research, development and production facilities in the Eindhoven area.

Eindhoven is a modern city with extensive cultural and sports facilities. But it also has a lot to offer for people with a technological focus. As a student you can benefit from the presence of many high-tech companies located both on and near the TU/e campus.

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