Study in University of Technology Sydney (UTS)





Course Duation: 1 year

Course Description: Digital Architecture is a new and developing area of architectural investigation within both academic and industry and UTS is at the forefront of this field.

The Master of Digital Architecture provides a setting to fully explore the implixcations of digital technology through a rigorous testing of the architectural form. You will learn to harness the latest digital technologies in architectural design and demonstrate that knowledge through two major projects.

You will also investigate specific theoretical issues associated with the use of such technologies such as the relationship bvetween geometry and materials; the relationship between the digital and analogue models; and the conceptualisation of the objects and artefacts as a surface condition.

This course helps you to rethink the design process and to master the use of technology in the growin g field of non-standard architecture. It will enhance your skills in spatial thinking and take your designs in a new and unconventional direction.

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