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Secure Computer System

Andrew Tanenbaum, Professor of Computer Science, has already won many prizes. He has an enviable reputation among professional colleagues and students throughout the world. He carries out research into computer networks, such as internet and has written text books which are recognized as international classic.

Andrew Tanenbaum has built up this international reputation in the field of computer networks and large-scale distributed research computer systems. Aside from being an outstanding researcher, he is also a gifted author and teacher .Hundreds of thousands of students throughout the world have masters the basics of computer science using text books written  by Professor Tanenbaum. His books, which have been translated into twenty languages (from Basque to Thai), are regarded as classic. We generally tend to underestimate the part that computers play in our lives. Professor Tanenbaum points out that”If you ask people how many computers they have at home , they usually think in terms of PCs and answer ‘one’ or ‘two’ I then ask them ‘ Do you have a car? A fridge? A mobile phone? Each of these devices contains a miniature computer. In an average household there are about fifty.” ‘’ We are delegating ever more tasks to these small computers. In a couple of years most of the products in shops will be fitted with radio frequency ID chips (RFID), which transmit information using radio signals. This will do away with check-outs in the shops and may also help to combat shoplifting. This is because whether you put the goods in an inside pocket or, more properly, in a shopping basket , a radio scanner at the  shop door simply records the items you leave the shop with and deducts the total amount from your bank account .Accordingly  , it won’t be long  before we just throw our dirty laundry into the washing machine and leave the washing machine to ask  the laundry about the temperature at which it must be washed.

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