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Business Academy Aarhus The Business Academy Aarhus offers a wide range of AP and Bachelor degree programs within Technology, Business and Computer Sciences, etc. The academy is one of the largest of its kind in Denmark with more than 3,500 full-time students, of which 600 are international students. In addition, approx. 1,600 students are enrolled […]

About IBA International Business Academy

 WELCOME TO IBA  AT the IBA ,WE are proud to offer world quality study programs , supported by a splendid learning environment,highly qualified teaching staff and an international administration. we aim to give you a wide range of experiences ,skills and knowledge in an excellent in an excellent social and cultural environment that will enable you to develop your […]

Campus Naestved

    Explore student life as global citizens in a safe environment   Zealand Institute Of Business And Technology- Campus Naestved, focus on creating an academically rewarding as well as a safe and supporting extracurricular environment for all our students. We have a strong emphasis on building Intercultural Competencies both in students and staff and […]

Campus Roskilde

  A long tradition in a modern environment Zealand Institute of Business and Technology, campus Roskilde has a long and proud tradition dating back to 1869 where it was founded as Roskilde Business College. The college has been an important part of the educational sector in Roskilde for more than a century. In 2008 it became […]

Studying Bachelors in Denmark

Denmark invests large sums in education. Public expenditure on education amounts to 8% of GDP, making Denmark the number one public spender in the world, and creating high standards in education-also in an international perspective. Some of the characteristics of Danish higher education are: high academic standards, active study environments, interdisciplinary studies and project-based activities. […]


Bachelor of International Sales and Marketing Management (Top-Up) The Education South Zealand Business College in Næstved offers the Bachelors of International Sales and marketing Management. If you have attained a 2 year higher education programme this 1½-year full time study may be of interest to you. The purpose of the education programme is to provide the […]

Selandia College, Denmark

Selandia College Selandia is a technical, business and management college. Selandia is now one of the largest colleges in Denmark with more than 460 highly qualified lecturers and instructors, all university or college graduates with extensive pedagogical training and solid working experience. The College provides training to approx. 10,000 students annually at various levels from […]


Koge Business College is located 40 kilometers south of Copenhagen and was founded in 1897. Koge is a vibrant town of 60,000 inhabitants, surrounded by beautiful nature. The koge-area is a very safe and pleasant place to live and to study. Students are expected to play an active role and to develop a critical and […]

Study in Denmark

ODENSE TECHNICAL COLLEGE Founded in 1844, Odense Technical College is one of the Denmark’s oldest and largest colleges. Today Odense Technical College has approximately 4,000 students and around 600 employees. Odense is one of the largest towns in Denmark and is situated on the island of Funen in the heart of Denmark. Mission and visions […]

Danish Higher Education

Danish Business Academy Minerva The Danish Business Academy Minerva is a modern higher education centre, located in the city of Randers on the East Coast of Jutland. The Danish Business Academy Minerva, previously known as The Danish business Academy, is a division of the larger Business College Minerva. The Business College Minerva was founded in […]

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