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STUDY IN CANADA  Canada has developed a first-rate education system with exceptional standards. Consequently, students consistently rank among the best in world on international tests of reading, science and mathematics which is a proof of the excellent quality of Canadian education system. The degree, diploma or certificate awarded by a Canadian educational institute is recognized […]

Higher Education in CYPRUS

UNIVERSITIES THE UNIVERSITY OF CYPRUS   The University of Cyprus (UCY) has a reputable image, both locally and internationally, for its high level of teaching and for its extensive research work. Its main objectives are to promote science and knowledge through teaching and research and to give an impetus to the cultural, social and economic […]

Study Abroad with EDGE OVERSEAS

Let the world be your oyster As another school year comes to an end, the question arises- what next? Those seeking higher education are furiously preparing for and applying to colleges for admission, and these choices are not limited to India, today’s student is prepared to go anywhere in the world. It is not so […]


About New Zealand New Zealand is an island country located in the Pacific Ocean. The country mainly comprises of two islands, the North Island and South Island, although there are also numerous smaller islands. The closest countries to New Zealand are Australia and the Pacific island nations: Fiji, New Caledonia and Tonga. Despite its isolated […]

About IBA International Business Academy

 WELCOME TO IBA  AT the IBA ,WE are proud to offer world quality study programs , supported by a splendid learning environment,highly qualified teaching staff and an international administration. we aim to give you a wide range of experiences ,skills and knowledge in an excellent in an excellent social and cultural environment that will enable you to develop your […]

Campus Roskilde

  A long tradition in a modern environment Zealand Institute of Business and Technology, campus Roskilde has a long and proud tradition dating back to 1869 where it was founded as Roskilde Business College. The college has been an important part of the educational sector in Roskilde for more than a century. In 2008 it became […]

Study In Europe at Indian Cost

  Study In Latvia Study In Europe at Indian Cost Bachelor/ Master/ PhD Programs Available Low cost of living Rs. 15,000/month 5000 USD funds required for  the Visa Exchange Programs available for the visa Exchange Programs available with other European universities Internship option available with other European universities Internship option available for some programs Attractive […]


       WHY CHOOSE SWITZERLAND? Home to many international sporting federations (FIFA, ICF, IOC, UEFA and many more). At the heart of Europe, with easy access to many nearby countries. Lifestyle and education qualities, stable and secure country. Switzerland is host to more than 150 music festivals over the summer. With its geographical diversity, […]


                             The MBA International Program               A Passion for Excellence in Business Education TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT IN BUSINESS EDUCATION FINDS A NEW MEANING THESE DAYS IN ATHENS, WITH EXCELLENCE, RATHER THAN JUST QUALITY, BEING THE GOAL. […]


                         CHOICE OF COUNTRY SINGAPORE Singapore is growing in popularity with Indian students and parents, as it is closer home, affordable, culturally more compatible, and also famed for its world class universities. A multicultural nation, Singapore has one of the most stable economies, a […]

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