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Study in Auckland with EDGE OVERSEAS

  STUDY IN AUCKLAND   Tourism Management Courses Diploma in Tourism Management Every candidate’s program of study for the Diploma shall comprise seven Stage 1 compulsory courses. Duration of this course is 2/ 3 Semesters. Diploma in Tourism Management Every candidate’s program of study for the Diploma shall: Comprise  14 courses Include seven stage 1 […]

The Professional Courses in NEW ZEALAND

The Professional Bar & Restaurant School New Zealand : The Education System New Zealand has a first class education system, with its Private Training Establishments, (PTES), technical institutes and universities being recognized as world leaders in the fields. Why the Professional Bar and Restaurant School is a an Excellent study Choice   The Professional Bar […]

Study in New Zealand

AWI International Education Group Computing National Diploma in Computing (Level 5) AWI-International Education Group offers the National Diploma in Computing as a one-year course completed in 1 academic year of full time study. The course provides a thorough grounding in both technical and organizational aspects of computing. The course structure and unit credits are such […]

Kingsland Institute of NZ

About Kingsland Institute of NZ   It is one of the renowned private training establishments registered by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) under the provisions of the Education Act 1989. Located in the heart of the Auckland city, KINZ has attracted a large number of learners. KINZ has two campuses located in Central Auckland. […]

Education in New Zealand

Studying in Tasman International Academies National Diploma in Business The National Diploma in Business are well established national qualifications respected by employers, polytechnics and universities. The practical nature of the course means that it is well suited to prepare students for employment while at the same time develop business skills useful for more advanced studies. […]

Education in NewZealand

Living in Auckland New Zealand is similar in size to the United Kingdom or Japan but the population is just over 4 million. Its closest neighbor is Australia, 3 hours away by plan. New Zealanders are famous as hospitable people with a lively interest in other cultures. Beyond the warm welcome, you’ll find New Zealand […]

Study in Newzealand

North Shore International Academy (NSIA) Study Programs National certificate in Hospitality- Professional cookery Level 4 Course Outline: This qualification is awarded to the students who are able to cook dishes from fresh ingredients and to use a substantial range of preparation, cookery methods and finishing techniques. The holder will have demonstrate the ability to cook […]

Study in North Shore International Academy (NSIA)

                    A World of Hospitality About NSIA Training Programs NSIA is offering a variety of world class training programs, which are a fusion of hospitality management and creative professional cookery. We are committed to the pursuit o quality, creative and professional education in the hospitality domain. […]

Studying With Edge in New Zealand

 Victoria Institute of New Zealand Study Programmes National Diploma in Business (Level 5 ) Course Information The National Diploma in Business (Level 5 ) is a  nationally registered qualification, which has been approved by the NZ Qualifications Authority. It is a full time 32 weeks course. Student work is assessed by means of tests, research […]

Study in NewZealand

Victoria Institute of New Zealand VINZ Certificate in General English At the Institute, it teaches the skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing using methods based on current theories and research for learning and teaching English. Classroom work is interactive and teaching is enhanced by the use of audio, video, and chosen materials. In each […]

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